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Safety & Social Responsibility


Healthy employees are productive employees and "MariNeftGazExport" provides an inclusive set of health and safety programs tailored to the oil and gas industry, Policies and procedures that reflect our years of operating and support experience are in place to protect our employees. Risks (medical and mechanical) are analyzed and mitigation measures implemented.


Pre-employment physical tests are mandatory, as are drug and alcohol screens. Following employment, random drug and alcohol screens are mandated, with a zero-tolerance policy in effect. Training regarding specific health risks in remote operating areas is a feature of pre-assignment orientation.

Vaccinations and inoculations, tailored to the area where an employee works, are standard based on current medical knowledge and advice. Where allowed, we assist local government authorities with community health programs that involve the families of employees.

Comprehensive medical health and dental plans are available as part of our employment benefits and Safety is the core value of Pride International and our continuous improvement in safety performance from the early 90's through today validates the systems we have in place to protect the safety and health of our employees and sub-contractors, customers and third-party personnel, and the community.

Our Quality Management System / Safety & Environmental Management System provides a structured and documented approach for the development of policies and procedures that assist in the recognition and mitigation of risk, thereby reducing the number and severity of personal-injury incidents and environmental impacts. With an understanding that most accidents are the result of human factors, training in behavior-based safety programs is required of our employees and supervisors.

Furthermore, we incorporates guidance from various industry organizations such as the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), the American Petroleum Institute (API), Russian oil and gas institute in Krasnoyarsk, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and other recognized industry organizations. In addition, "MariNeftGazExport" utilizes the relevant elements of the International Safety Management Code (ISM) for eligible MODUs.



Social protection of the "MariNeftGazExport" personnel is a guarantee of the company’s prestige. The social security system takes effect from the moment of hiring and remains effective after retirement. It applies to all the company’s employees irrespective of their rank and position.

Care for people, charity and sponsorship are an integral element of the gas production company. Between 2006 and 2007 under the aegis of the "MariNeftGazExport" Program the company executed a large project "MariNeftGazExport" Donating Our Warmth”, as a part of which a Pre-New Year campaign named "MariNeftGazExport". Friendship is Stronger than the Cold” was held for the children in need of social protection, beneficial help, sponsorship support and merely a human sympathy. A ceremonial opening of the "MariNeftGazExport" modern children’s sports complex in Anapa was an important event of 2007 for the company.  

"MariNeftGazExport" places a special emphasis on the cultural and sporting development of its employees. The company’s creative teams occupy top places in well-known international sporting projects including the “Fakel” Corporate Festival, the most popular among Gazprom’s subsidiaries. "MariNeftGazExport" sportsmen show remarkable results in the municipal, regional and international competitions and spartakiada games.