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Environmental Protection & Policy

Environmental Protection

Protection of the environment is a fundamental business practice for "MariNeftGazExport". We strive to design, engineer and operate our equipment with awareness for the environment. Prevention of environmental incidents is our goal, but our employees are trained to respond to and mitigate spills and releases, if they should occur.

Spill mitigation equipment and material are standard items on all tanks and vessels, and our support facilities onshore maintain a stock of response and remediation equipment and material, Waste Management Plans and Spill Response Plans are required of each operating area, along with tank farm specific / vessel-specific plans for all units. We view "Health, Safety and Environment" (HSE) as critical to our success and long-term sustainability and we are committed to continuously improve our performance.

Our Corporate HSE Policy is overseen by the Health, Safety and Environmental Committee of the management Board, which provides direction for the management and input on current and emerging health, safety and environmental issues. Safe and environmentally responsible operations are the goal of "MariNeftGazExport" global business practices, with the safety and well-being of our employees the most important aspect of our day-to-day business.

Meeting the challenges posed by geography, climate, geopolitical and cultural differences is possible only through a structured Quality Management System / Safety & Environmental Management System and by visible commitment from Senior Management. "MariNeftGazExport" has successfully met the challenges and remains an industry-leader for safety.


• All injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented!

• Working safely and protecting the environment is a condition of employment.

• Working safely and protecting the environment is our moral obligation.

• Everyone will assess risks and anyone can Stop the Job

• Management is accountable for providing a safe and secure workplace.

• Employee ownership of safety process is essential.

• We promote our value for safety at work and at home.

• We address HSE deficiencies promptly.

• Employees will receive necessary training.

• Everyone performs safety observations.


Environmental Policy

With the purpose of protecting the environment "MariNeftGazExport" has developed a set of activities involving improvement of the environmental management system, monitoring and scientific researches, development and application of new resource-saving technologies aimed at meeting environmental requirements. 

Recultivation of disturbed lands using biotechnologies is carried out annually. Additionally, "MariNeftGazExport" performs a wide scope of work aimed at protecting the ambient air, water basin, soils, earth’s interior, as well as reconstruction of nature conservation facilities.