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Development Strategy

"MariNeftGazExport" is pursuing the development of European dry and liquid bulk terminals with the goal of creating a diversified asset portfolio through greenfield development, the acquisition of existing terminals, the conversion  of existing refining sites and related infrastructure  into storage terminals for liquid bulk products.

"MariNeftGazExport" aims to operate at the highest level of industry standards in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, by leveraging the experience and ability of its management team and employees.

"MariNeftGazExport" has a solid base, good to excellent locations and a strong market position. There are ample opportunities for growth and further efficiency improvements.

For "MariNeftGazExport", a high service level and a good customer relationship are of paramount importance.  Our companies have to meet high standards and are certified to carry out their various activities. They are constantly seeking to optimise their working methods and introduce innovative changes wherever possible.