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The main value of "MariNeftGazExport" is a highly professional team of experts. Staffs of "MariNeftGazExport" are able to realize their intellectual and creative potential, guaranteed social stability. 

The company has implemented a variety of programs to work with the staff, including the assessment and certification of personnel, special adaptation programs, etc.


A system of continuous learning and development. Each year, only at the head office, branches and representative offices "MariNeftGazExport" more than 1,000 professionals and 800 employees specialized professions are trained and certified.  

Designed to motivate staff bonus programs, programs of health care and insurance, provide material assistance.

Particular attention is paid to the development of mobile social infrastructure projects under construction: field and shift camps are provided with all the conditions for a full work and recreation workers.

The object of constant care management of the company is to replenish the industry's young professionals. To realize this goal is training on a contractual basis with leading universities in the Russian Federation. Students are given special scholarships and grants offered an internship in the company, followed up by work.

For technical supervision and maintenance of the pipeline needs professionals with experience in the oil and gas industry, working high places, having tolerances for certain types of work and have no restrictions on health by function:

  • Engineer on the operation of gas facilities (interchangeable)
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Power Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Engineer of communication
  • Machinist process compressors
  • Pipe liner
  • Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrician by means of automation technology equipment and devices
  • Locksmith instrumentation
  • Other fields of oil and gas areas
  • Provides for a high salary, a full benefits package.