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About MariNeftGaz Export

MariNeftGaz Export is engaged in the  leasing of movable goods and other business services. We are a leading independent provider of logistical services in ports.

MariNeftGaz Export focus is worldwide and believe that our expertise, experiences and resources enable us to achieve a higher return on global investment. Our future is based on rapid and sustainable growth in the principal sectors of oil and gas business, and the reinforcement of our leading position in the industry through efficient use of existing assets coupled with new acquisitions. Our priority in business is to achieve industry-leading levels of return on equity for shareholders, via efficient management.

MariNeftGaz Export has two important pillars: dry bulk and liquid bulk.

The companies in the dry bulk division are specialized  in the trans-shipment, storage and processing of dry bulk products, mainly for industrial end-users. Operations involve the loading and unloading of ocean-going vessels, coasters, barges, trains and trucks and large-scale open-air and covered storage. The annual volume of dry bulk cargo received by MariNeftGaz Export group companies totals some 75 million tonnes.

The companies in the liquid bulk division are specialized in the storage, trans-shipment, blending and distribution of oil products. Operations involve the loading and unloading of ocean-going vessels, coasters, barges and rail and road transport. Individual storage tanks are ranging in size from 1,500 to 70,000 m3.

MariNeftGaz Export companies hold a unique independent position in the supply chain of bulk goods for a wide range of products  and serve the heart of industrial Europe.
Most operating units have been active in the port for many decades, some even more than a century. 
Activities are concentrated in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and Poland.  One of the daughter companies has establishments in various other countries as well.


Terminal Details

Storage Tanks Current Capacity
  • 4,500,000 m3 (all)
  • 700,000 m3 for diesel fuel
  • 600,000 m3 for oils
  • 2,000,000 m3 for Jet Fuel
  • 700,000 m3 for Motor Gasoline
  • 500,000 m3 for Fuel Oil
Size Range
  • 14 x 2.500 m3
  • 8 x 6.300 m3
  • 6 x 12.700 m3
Markets Served    Liquid Chemicals, Liquid Minerals, Solid Minerals. Solid Chemicals, Transshipment
Transportation Modes  Jetties Jetty North (max 200m LOA, 12,65m draft tide independent)
Jetty South (max 150m LOA, 9,65m draft tide independent)
CBN Jetty (max 250m LOA, 11,00m draft tide independent)
Tic Jetty
Loading Bays
2 (Per railtrack a maximum of 8 wagons)
Connection to Rotterdam pipeline network(Multicore)